Spring Onion

Spring Onion, Southsea

First things first. Yes, you’re right, there’s been an astronomical gap between my last post and this one.

Let me set the record straight: I didn’t get bored of This Girl Eats and I didn’t stop consuming delicious food (as if!) In reality, I’ve been working, travelling… and travelling for work over the past month.

Actually, it turns out that writing about food, taking pictures of it, and uploading images is pretty tricky when you spend a lot of time in airport departure lounges. Who knew?!

So, let’s get back to the important stuff… food.

I’ve been sitting on these photos from a fantastic and relatively recent addition to the Southsea food scene for a little while now. It’s time to talk about sushi.

When you mention the word “sushi,” people automatically think Sakura, and with good reason. It’s by far the best, most delicious, well-established, and reputable sushi joint in town. However, there’s another restaurant making a splash with a modest yet delicious selection of one of Japan’s finest exports.

Lots of people haven’t heard about this place (yet)… but trust me when I say you should give Spring Onion a try.


Spring Onion, 35 Highland Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO4 9DA (almost opposite Strong Island).


A small yet perfectly formed sushi restaurant and take-away located in Highland Road, Southsea.

From the street, you’ll notice the lime green and white frontage before anything else. You might be tempted to think it’s “just another cafe”… but give it a chance and I’m pretty sure you’ll be happily surprised.

We regularly order from Spring Onion using Deliveroo and the experience is faultless. The food is hot, it arrives quickly, and it’s delicious. It doesn’t quite have the finesse or extensive menu that Sakura has, but the price does reflect this.

This is what Spring Onion says:

“‘Spring Onion’ was born from the desire by an experienced London Sushi Chef from Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington and Richmond Upon Thames to create a new style of store that is modern, friendly and adaptive to customers’ needs, that offers a broad menu of Sushi and Asian Bites that are always freshly prepared daily and of a consistently high quality and priced fairly.

“Fresh Sushi ‘rolled with love’ and your favourite Asian Bites ‘made from heart’ all prepared daily and ‘served with smile’ in store – sums up our passion for what we do.”

You can choose from sushi rolls, special rolls, sashimi, hosomaki, hand roll futo maki, nigiri, appetisers, vegetable platters (6, 12 or 20 roll), mixed sushi platters (34, 50-60, 75-85, 110-130 pieces), vegetable rolls, and donburi.

Tip: If you’re a fan of Sakura, make sure you order from Spring Onion with an open mind. Sure, the menu is smaller, the maki aren’t quite as perfectly rolled, and there isn’t an alternative for my absolute favourite, Southsea Maki… but the food is delicious and the service is first class.


I’ve got a confession: I’m not a huge fan of raw fish sushi. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried. I’ve really tried.

I can appreciate its appeal and the fact that people go crazy for it… but it’s just not for me. So, I tend to judge a sushi restaurant by the vegetarian, chicken and cooked fish dishes. And I’m pleased to say that Spring Onion doesn’t disappoint in this respect.

We ordered avocado hosomaki, spicy tuna roll, salmon sashimi, prawn tempura with teriyaki sauce, and chicken katsu with curry sauce.

The avocado hosomaki were absolutely delicious. The flavours were fantastic and bold, the rice perfectly cooked and not too vinegar-y, and you get a good number of pieces per order (8). Some of the rolls were a little bit “loose” and started to fall apart as you picked them up, but the taste more than made up for it.

I’m not really into sashimi, because it falls into the “raw fish” category (see above). However, the wife is a big fan and will order it whenever possible. She said, “Most of the time it’s good, but sometimes it’s not cut perfectly.” For someone who eats a lot of sashimi (and from fancy places like Nobu), that’s not bad feedback!

If I’m honest, I’m a little bit torn when it comes to the prawn tempura and chicken katsu. Don’t get me wrong, they tasted great, but there were a few issues. However, I suspect that these may be down to ordering for delivery, rather than eating the food fresh in the restaurant.

When our food arrived, the tempura/breadcrumbs were a little soggy and the sauce had soaked into it (and the rice). I’d like to check out the food in the restaurant to see whether the same thing happens… watch this space.


Great tasting sushi from a relatively new, small Japanese restaurant that’s taking on the might of formidable competition. High-quality fish and well-cooked chicken and prawns… just a small issue with soggy tempura/breadcrumbs that could be due to choosing the delivery option.

They have some great options for larger selections, for parties, etc, and they have a huge choice of rolls. It’d be good to see more rice bowls, chicken dishes, soups, and bento boxes in the future.

Spring Onion is really reasonably priced (much cheaper than Sakura) and you get a good quantity of food for your money.

There are a few small niggles, but the food tastes fantastic… and we’ll certainly continue to order and recommend it!


Price: Avocado Hosomaki, 2.30, Spicy Tuna Roll, 3.99, Salmon Sashimi, 5.99, Prawn Tempura With Teriyaki Sauce, 5.99, Chicken Katsu With Curry Sauce, 5.99.

Website: http://springonion.me.uk/menu/.

Social: Facebook, Instagram.

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