Wine Vaults

Wine Vaults, Southsea

I’ve already talked about how some people spend their weekends doing  sensible things. You know, like visiting garden centres or doing DIY. Or, brace yourself, going to the… gym!

Instead, we merrily continue on our mission to find and sample the delights of every dog-friendly pub in Southsea.

Over the weekend, it was Wine Vaults‘ turn.

My first taste of Wine Vaults was a good few years ago, during the (then pretty small) Southsea Fest. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember who was playing (I’d probably had a few shandies), but I do remember thinking that I was lucky to live just around the corner.


41-47 Albert Road, Southsea (the end closest to the Kings Theatre, opposite Parmiters Antiques).


It’s gone through some re-branding over the last couple of years. Its website describes it as:

A quirky pub in Southsea. The Wine Vaults is situated on the famous Albert Road. It houses 4 bars on 3 floors. With a fabulous range of cask real ale and craft lager, with a menu using great British produce, it’s the perfect spot for dinner or drinks with friends.

What was once a pretty standard (albeit enormous) Albert Road pub has now focused on the increasingly popular craft beer market. The Snug Bar became The Beer Vaults… and we suddenly have a huge variety of craft beverages to pick from.

Wine Vaults serves food (think pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, sharing platters) and it’s dog-friendly. During the day it’s pretty empty and it’s great for a lazy afternoon pint. At night, it’s usually pretty rammed and there’s a great variety of DJs and live music.

What This Girl Ate

Being a self-confessed cheese-addict, I can’t avoid ordering pizza if it’s on the menu. I went for the Americano – pepperoni and jalapenos (minus the red onions). I washed it down with a pint of Sierra Nevada pale ale (it’s got a deep amber colour and isn’t too “hoppy”) from the main bar.

I’m pleased to say that every time I’ve ordered food in Wine Vaults, it’s improved. A couple of years ago, the pizzas weren’t that spectacular. But today, this one was a winner. Clearly handmade, with a thin, crispy crust, good sauce to cheese ratio, and great toppings. I would’ve liked the opportunity to have green chillies instead of jalapenos, but that’s a minor criticism!

Pip ordered nothing but wanted to eat everything… including the big dog that walked in while we were eating.


Wine Vaults is great for a chilled, weekend, daytime beer and bite to eat. The food gets better every time, which is a good sign of things to come! There’s an amazing selection of craft beers, ales and lagers, so you won’t go thirsty.

The place sprawls over two floors, with several different areas to pick from. There’s seating on the street outside, cosy nooks by the windows, and seating upstairs where you can watch Albert Road go by below you.


Price: Americano pizza, 8.95.


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