Meat and Barrel burger closeup

Meat and Barrel, Southsea

Some people spend their Sundays partaking in wholesome activities. Picnics, country walks, and such. Not us.

We search for a dog-friendly pub and have a few beers/wines/ciders/gins (usually accompanied by some food, possibly a meat raffle, sometimes a quiz). And we ignore the fact we have to work on Monday. We’re pretty lucky in Southsea, as we’ve got a few such establishments (more on these soon).

This Sunday, we visited our trusty favourite, Meat and Barrel. “Meaty Barry” in Pip-speak.


112 Palmerston Road, Southsea (the Common end, where Bamboo used to be). If you’re following me down the street, it’s usually where the dog is aiming for.


According to the website,  Meat and Barrel is a “Craft Beer and Kitchen.” It’s family friendly and dog friendly. It’s open plan, airy and light. It’s very chilled.

What This Girl Ate

Whenever I visit, I can never decide between a burger or the mac and cheese. This time, I went for the blue cheese burger with added chillies. I’ve had it a few times before, and it’s always good. Juicy, moist, flavourful, and slightly pink (as a burger should be). Fries are now included in the price (they used to be separate), which is fab.

Tip: Don’t order a burger on a first date – it’s impossible to eat it daintily, without getting it all over your face. Actually, in  my opinion, if you’re on a date with someone who is offended by “burger face,” it’s probably best to cut your losses!

To drink, I opted for a pint of easy-to-drink Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner – I love it because it reminds me of boozy holidays in Cornwall.

The wife ordered a sun-dried tomato mac (and cheese)… and of course, I developed an instant and inevitable case of “food envy.” As is the case when anybody orders anything even remotely cheese-related.


Meat and Barrel is a consistently good bet when it comes to a chilled beer, good burger and decent fries. The staff are attentive without being annoying, the guys behind the bar know what they’re talking about when it comes to beers/ales, and because it’s so big there’s almost always somewhere to sit. There’s an enormous selection of beers on tap, cask, bottles, and cans, so you’ll never get through them all. They also serve soft drinks, spirits and a few decent wines.

Bonus: Pip only growled at one big dog and sat looking innocently at me the rest of the time (evidence below).


Price: Blue Burger, 8.25. Added chillies, 1.25. Mac and cheese, 5.50.


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